www.webgp.org is a webportal developed and maintained by Dr Jagdeesh Singh Dhaliwal

It’s purpose is to assist patients of Dr Dhaliwal to access safe and effective information and strategies

These resources are curated from contemporary thinking drawn from centres-of-excellence worldwide

The objectives of www.webgp.org are to

  • Promote patient-led healthcare which is informed by research and evidence – ‘Let’s use the best available knowledge to maximise your sense of well-being’
  • To facilitate doctor-patient shared-decision making

www.webgp.org builds on an original award-winning concept developed by Dr Dhaliwal’s GP practice in the United Kingdom – www.sycamorehousesurgery.co.uk

  • ‘Highly Commended’ Finalist, British Medical Journal Quality Awards 2015 for Primary Care.  For innovation in GP web portal design
  • Finalist, Health Services Journal Value in Healthcare Awards 2015 for the “Value and Improvement Using IT to Support Integrated Healthcare Services” category
  • Finalist, UK Patient Safety Congress & Awards 2015 for ‘GP Web Portal Design: Engaged Patients, Safer Patients’ in the following three categories

Best New Product, Innovation or Service
Improving Safety and Quality in Primary Care (Designated the 2015 Award Winner)
Technology and IT to Improve Patient Safety