Rights and Responsibilities

The ideal doctor-patient relationship is a partnership

We would like to advise patients of your following rights:

  • We are guided by the Australian Charter of  Healthcare Rights
  • Please read or listen to the Charter following these links
  • Patient rights relate to the following key areas
    • Access
    • Safety
    • Respect
    • Communication
    • Participation
    • Privacy
    • Comment

We would like to advise patients of your following responsibilities:

  • Please arrive on time for your appointment so we can minimise delays for other patients. We hope you will agree that this is a reasonable request
  • Please inform the practice if you can’t make an appointment or if the appointment is no longer necessary, so we can offer this appointment to other patients
    • You can use our new text service to cancel, by sharing your current mobile number with us
  • Please make requests for repeat prescriptions in good time. We typically require 72 hours
  • Please co-operate with all practice staff and treat them courteously.  They are trying to help you
  • As a rule, we will seek to put your wishes first. However, there are circumstances where we need to disagree with you or decline your request because of over-riding patient safety concerns. You have a right to a full explanation from us in such situations. Please be assured that we always deeply regret disappointing patients but – on rare occasions – our professional ethics may over-ride our wish to comply with your wishes